Sh’maYoga: Listen to Your Heart

Sh’maYoga is an integrative approach for the cultivation of deep listening and restoration of body, mind, heart and soul to their inherent health, joy, beauty and freedom.

A  pioneer in integrative methods, Rabbi Sigal is a yogini and a rabbi who has taught diverse audiences for many years.


“I learned that many aspects of our lives are connected and affected by spirituality; the inner experience of being connected to the whole, the ground of Being, the mystery some call God. We all, knowingly or unknowingly, search to end the sense of separation and we desire to feel like we belong. The methods I practice and teach bring peace to our soul, heart, mind and body, which is our real human right, and we spontaneously become happier and content. The integrative practices I teach have shown to have a positive impact on relationships, work and family life, well-being, and improve mental and physical health.”




Learn to cultivate deep listening to your heart’s desire as it beckons you to live with joy and fulfillment. Explore the landscape of your soul to reveal the mystery within, and set yourself free.

In Kabbalah, as in yoga, your body and mind are understood as sacred vessels from which you can know the Divine. The foundational idea in both traditions is the awareness of oneness, wholeness and unity. In practice, both aim at the discovery and cultivation of our true nature, and they support us to live in deep connection to the self and the world with expanded consciousness.

The foundational idea of Integrative Spirituality is that each person has the natural capacity for awareness of oneness, wholeness, and freedom. The teachings awaken the capacity to discover and cultivate our true nature and awe of the mystery, and the methods support us to live in deep connection to the self and the world with expanded consciousness.

The approach combines teachings and practices from a variety of disciplines; Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, yoga, contemplative traditions, arts, somatic therapy, psychology, and other methods, in service of the discovery of our true nature and living with expanded awareness. The methods aim at seeing and discerning clearly, integrating the complex being that we are, and healing through letting the wisdom of the heart, mind, and body flow freely.

In the process, we practice to become tuned instruments, living our lives to their fullest with joy and fulfillment, progressively reducing the amount of discontentment and dissatisfaction with life. As we awake to the different layers of reality and aspects of life, and experience the richness of our soul, we can better steer ourselves to living fuller lives. We acquire knowledge, awareness, contemplation skills, and life skills that aid in reaching our fullest potential and purpose. In search of truth and wisdom we aim at opening the mind and heart to become truly receptive (mekubalim) to Holy Presence and to who we truly are.

Sh’ma – Listen, hear, pay attention, tune in to the wisdom of your heart. The Jewish declaration of faith and the Biblical call to humanity to discern and know that all is one.

Yoga – Bringing together, yoking, uniting. The ancient tradition of integrating body, mind, heart, and spirit from the Far East, mainly known as part of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Kabbalah –  The wisdom tradition that teaches how to be open to receive, be receptive to Grace (Shefa) that flows through the universe. In Sh’maYoga we understand Shefa to be the same as the wisdom of the heart and our human true nature.

The integrative approach is designed to facilitate for each person to find their unique expression of integrating heart, mind, and body. Learning and mastering practices are means to an end; living your heart’s desire, and the practices are not ends on their own. We use new, and renewed, ways to inspire and deepen people’s spiritual and physical practices, and cultivate well-being, peace, and joy in the world.

Learn Sh’maYoga and integrate Kabbalah into your yoga practice

Is your heart longing for a spirituality that integrates your religious background with the beauty of yoga? Are you searching for a meaningful and embodied prayer experience?

Come and let your soul dance with Sh’maYoga. Experience an inspiring integration of yoga and Jewish spirituality, and let the wisdom of your body and the mystery of your soul flow freely.

With her deep knowledge of mysticism, Rabbi Sigal, an innovative and inspiring teacher, weaves yoga, meditation, Kabbalistic insights, and her beautiful, original music into transformative experiences.

Classes are a fusion of yoga flows with Hebrew chants, Pilates, Qigong, music, breath awareness, and mystical teachings that are designed to energize the body, mind, and soul.

We welcome you to explore and deepen your connection to your soul and the divine with a universal integrative approach.





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“I participated in a Sh’ma Yoga workshop with Rabbi Sigal yesterday in Wakefield, RI, and it was one of the most beautiful and meaningful processes I have ever been involved in. Deep spirituality realized through felt movement, through music and chanting, and through connection with the group. If everyone realized that there truly is no OTHER, the world could breathe in peace.” Shila, RI



Listen to your heart with Kabbalah & Yoga

Rabbi Sigal facilitates individual and group coaching sessions with those who want to enrich their practice and/or bring Sh’maYoga to their community. Sessions at your location or remotely.


Shabbaton with Rabbi Sigal at Your Community

Includes a musical Kabbalat Shabbat celebration and Shabbat morning service with original call-and-response chants, meditations, teachings, and contemplations of the heart. Sh’maYoga session, iRest on Shabbat session, and iMove in prayer for kids and teens.

Sh’maYoga for Rabbis

Individual or small group sessions to learn how to bring Sh’maYoga integrative methods to your services and teachings.

Consultation with Rabbi Sigal on how to create a welcoming and integrated prayer and learning environment for body, mind, heart, and soul.


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But all experience of beauty is experience of cosmic wholeness, of harmony. Beauty is microcosmic intuition of macrocosmic reality… To create is to experience the likeness to divinity.” ~ Matthew Fox, Original Blessing