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Rabbi Sigal

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back laugh Mindful Mysticism 

Meditation group

Wednesday evenings – Starting March 4th  5:45- 6:45pm On going.

Elkins Central (Elkins Park Train Station, Spring Ave. PA) 

Why Meditate?

Do you want to feel more ease and contentment? To enjoy a balanced mind, calm emotions and self-acceptance?

Meditation with Rabbi Sigal  focuses on mending gaps and finding your ground of being in ways you haven’t experienced before. Dive into the mystery of your soul and learn to sustain a deep connection to the mystery and your heart’s desire and purpose.

You will learn and practice integrated mindfulness, breathing techniques and guided integrated meditation. 

All levels are welcome. No experience or knowledge is necessary. Use chair or bring a meditation cushion.

Questions and information: 267- 627- 4425 or email us


Mending Gaps: Religion & Spirituality

Sunday March 15, 2015 1pm-2:30 at Elkins Central (Train Station building on Spring Ave. PA)

All are welcome. The event is free! (Donations for renovation of train station communal space are welcome)

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SANKALPA® Live Your Heart’s Purpose


IMG_9736_3What do you love?


Open to yourself and let your intention and heartfelt purpose reveal itself to you
Sink into your true essence and knowing.

Listen to your heart’s wisdom and discern your life’s purpose
Cultivate a witnessing presence to your own truth and life
Clarify your intention and focus your attention
Acquire skills to remain on task to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Write and wear your heart’s desire close to your heart and live fully.

“Your heart is your most reliable compass. Listen to your heart’s wisdom and let your heart’s desire be your north.” Rabbi Sigal Learn More