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Rabbi Sigal

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“With her depth of knowledge and her inspiring voice Rabbi Sigal creates aural environments to accompany the mystical journey of your soul.”



Mystic Rhythms of Kabbalah: Rabbi Sigal, a contemporary mystic, dances through the ancient Kabbalistic Tree of Life of the Sefirot with her bare feet, calling on the different aspects of God and chanting God’s Names. The music and lyrics are an uninhibited interplay between fun and devotional, masculine and feminine, rhythmic and meditative, earthly and divine; all are calling each other to wholeness and balance. Listen and journey with Mystic Rhythms of Kabbalah to unveil the secret mystic within.

Kesher Shalom

Unique Jewish Community in Abington, PA

Kabbalat Shabbat – 2nd Friday of the month at AAC in Jenkintown, PA

At Kesher Shalom, Judaism is understood as a wisdom, a dynamic religion, one which builds on the past, honors the present, and looks to the future. We are a learning spiritual community that honor all people, religions, and opinions.

Kesher Shalom meets at the beautiful Abington Art Center in Jenkintown, PA, for activities and services that inspire the heart and mind and are open to all. People of all ages and interests.

SANKALPA® Live Your Heart’s Purpose


IMG_9736_3Live your heart’s purpose, your Sankalpa®, one small commitment at a time.


The Sankalpa Method is gentle…

Open to yourself and let your intention and heartfelt purpose reveal itself to you
Sink into your true essence and knowing.

Listen to your heart’s wisdom and discern your life’s purpose
Cultivate a witnessing presence to your own truth and life
Clarify your intention and focus your attention
Acquire skills to remain on task to fulfill your heart’s desire

“Your heart is your most reliable compass. Listen to your heart’s wisdom and let your heart’s desire be your north.” Rabbi Sigal Learn More